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Thank you for your interest in

We have a few simple rules for this list which are STRICTLY enforced.

This is a list for owners and admirers of the Chow Chow.  We are a group composed of people with pets as well as breeders, handlers, judges, you name it!  We are here to share our experiences with our chows whether it be  to help others with their problems, or to share in the joy of a new win!  You are welcome to join us as long as you follow our rules.

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Probably our number one rule is NO TROLLS! If you are not familiar with the definition of "TROLL", here it is.

A "TROLL" is a person who joins an e-mail list or a newsgroup usually under a psuedonym for the purpose of making inflammatory posts.  These people usually make one such post intended to "fuel the fire" under other listmembers.  They usually never make any more posts but simply sit back and enjoy the mayhem that results, although occasionally some more hardened "TROLLS" will jump in occasionally to "stir the pot".

Negative discussion of people, dogs, or personal posts will not be forwarded to the list.   This list is to have FUN!


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